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Seminar On Project Management For ITDR

From August 5th to 8th, 2014, a seminar on project management was organized by the ESRT Programme in Hanoi.

This seminar was developed to provide consultants, researchers and collaborators of the Institute of Tourism Development and Research (ITDR) with a profound understanding on how to analyse situations and problems, to develop tourism products, services and projects as well as how to solve problems and to gain deeper insight into project barriers and the challenges of the development of destinations.


The seminar which is a human capacity development initiative was delivered over a four day period covering lectures, practical training and group reflections and was led by Mr. Martin Fontanari from Germany. Two groups of each 15 ITDR-specialists participated in the seminar and worked on solving different strategic and organizational problems through a series of moderation tasks and associated exercises.


The project management moderation techniques directly lead to the formulation of measures; action programmes and ensures operable outputs for upcoming project work. With these techniques the researcher and consultants achieve a new tool-set to work directly with their clients on proposals or projects and to integrate both scientific and practical knowledge by a co-operative and integrative approach of working together with responsible players on site. The acquired tools and knowledge of the moderation process can be later applied in their daily work.


The seminar forms part of a three mission intervention into the strategic development of ITDR. Mission one which took place in February of 2014 concentrated on institutional analysis and development. Mission 2 which is underway concentrates on the pragmatic action development planning process, and the final mission planned in February 2015 will culminate in the facilitation of the internal transformation process.  


With the ESRT’s support in three missions, it is expected that ITDR will become the leading institute of quality in tourism research, consultancy and training in Vietnam and be one of the most reputable institutions in the regional and international tourist scientific community.


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Created Date: 8/6/2014
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