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Vietnam Tourism Certification Board (VTCB) Meeting

On February 5th, 2015, the Vietnam Tourism Certification Board meeting took place in Hanoi with the support of the EU-ESRT Programme. This is the first meeting of the year to seek agreement on VTCB activities in 2015 in connection with technical support activities of EU-ESRT Programme.

At the meeting, representative of the VTCB Office announced the Decision of VTCB consolidation (Decision No. 801/QD-TCDL of Chairman of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism dated 29/12/2014) and the final report on activities in 2014 as well as development orientation in 2015.


Besides, an expert of the EU-ESRT Programme delivered the presentation which updated results obtained from two Conferences on the Implementation of the Revised VTOS in line with the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangements for Tourism Professionals, as well as the implementation plan for on-going VTOS development of the EU-ESRT Programme.


The VTCB members and representatives of EU-ESRT Programme discussed cooperation in implementing VTCB’s activities with the support from the EU-ESRT Programme in 2015, namely the process of recognition and certification for VTOS trainers, new VTOS trainers to be trained in line with the revised VTOS by the EU-ESRT Programme; Pilot implementation plan of the revised VTOS evaluation as well as support to strengthen capacity of VTCB Office.

Created Date: 2/14/2015
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