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Tourism Master Development Planning in The New Era

A symposium “Towards a new era in Tourism Master Development Planning” was held in the morning of 10 June 2015 by the Institute for Tourism Development and Research (ITDR) in collaboration with the ESRT Programme.

The workshop is among series of ESRT activities supported to ITDR in order to improve the effectiveness and quality of tourism development planning to meet the market demand. This is also an opportunity for experts, administrators, professionals in tourism planning to meet, discuss and exchange experiences.

According to the ESRT Programme expert, Associate Professor PhD Vu Tuan Canh, tourism planning is crucial for management and successes in the development of tourism industry. It is proved through international and Vietnamese experiences that areas of unplanned tourism development more often than not cope with social and environmental problems, diminishing economic benefits and failure in competition with the planned tourism areas. It is required for tourism sector to be planned first at the national and regional levels, and to align with the tourism development strategy and policies, sectoral structuring, standardization and conditions of technical facilities, administrative management and other factors necessary for tourism development and management.

Many presentations of international and national experts were presented at the workshop, covering various topics: procedures for making a tourism master plan in Vietnam, bases of the strategy for tourism master planning, methodology and scientific methods in national and regional tourism master development planning, investment promotion and objectives in tourism planning and development.


Created Date: 6/18/2015
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