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Newsletter no.6

The 6th newsletter of the ESRT Programme was published in February 2014.

Table of content:

1.     EU-MCST Signing Ceremony on Sustainable Tourism (page 3)

2.     Responsible Tourism Policy Conference 2013 (page 4)

3.     Speakers Corner (page 5)

4.     Vietnam’s Tourism Advisory Board urges deepening of partnerships in tourism marketing (page 6)

5.     Tourism Business Forum 2013 in Hanoi (page 7)

6.     Familiarization Trip to Northwestern Provinces (page 8)

7.     Environmental-friendly Labelling: Green Lotus for Accommodation (page 9)

8.     Tourism and Climate Change in Vietnam (page 10, 11)

9.     Responsible Tourism Training Programme in Malaysia (page 11, 12)

10.  UNWTO Ninh Binh Declaration on Spiritual Tourism (page 12)


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Created Date: 3/5/2014

Archived Contents:

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  • Newsletter no.4 - (8/5/2013)
  • Newsletter no.3 - (6/6/2013)
  • Newsletter no.2 - (2/19/2013)
  • Newsletter no.1 - (10/30/2012)
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