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Newsletter no.7

The 7th newsletter of the ESRT Programme was published in June 2014.

Table of content:


1, EU Supplies Tourism Schools and Community Centres to Improve the Service Quality (page 3)

2, VITM 2014 - Halls Fully Booked, Responsible Tourism on the Agenda (page 4)

3, Travel Agents Pay a Visit to the North West Provinces (page 5)

4, Responsible Tourism Policy Guidelines – Issues and Recommendations Required for Progress (page 5, 6)

5, Roll-out of the ESRT Responsible Tourism Seminar Series (page 6, 7)

6, Vietnam Tourism Occupational Standards (VTOS) – New version with Responsible Tourism Integrated (page 8, 9)

7, Central Coast: Responsible Tourism Management Challenges and Opportunities (page 10)

8, Growing the ITDR into a Sophisticated Market-oriented Tourism Consulting Service (page 11)

9, Tourist Information Center Support (page 12)

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Created Date: 6/24/2014

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