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Calendar of Events for January - February 2015

List of activities in January and February 2015 of the ESRT Programme





1. Develop detailed working plans for Project’s components

Time: 5 - 8/1/2015

Location: Hanoi


2. Meeting with Lot 1 on implementation plan for approved Programme Estimate No.4

Time: 7/1/2015

Location: Hanoi


3. Meeting with Lot 2 on implementation plan for approved Programme Estimate No.4

Time: 8/1/2015

Location: Hanoi


4. Mission on Destination Management Organisation (Robert Travers)

Time: 9 - 30/1/2015

Location: Can Tho, An Giang, Kien Giang


5. Summation conference of Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) in 2014

Time: 10/1/2015

Location: Thanh Hoa


6. Mission on supporting VITA’s Business Plan implementation

Time: 12 - 30/1/2015

Location: Hanoi


7. Summation conference of Vietnam tourism industry in 2014

Time: 14/11/2015

Location: Hanoi


8. VTOS Master Trainer Training course (Mary Wrixon)

Time: 16 - 18/1/2015

Location: Hanoi


9. Meeting with Phu Yen People Committee and DCST on building project of community-based tourism development in Ngoc Lang village

Time: 20/1/2015

Location: Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen)


10. VTOS Master Trainer Training course (Mary Wrixon)

Time: 23 - 25/1/2015

Location: Ho Chi Minh city


11. Workshop on Destination Management Organisation in 3 Mekong Delta River provinces

Time: 28/1/2015

Location: Phu Quoc


12. Year-end summation conference on Programme of tourism cooperation in 8 North-western provinces

Time: 31/1/2015

Location: Moc Chau (Son La)


13. [Tentative] Meeting of Marketing TWG - TAB

Time: 22/11/2015

Location: Hanoi


14. [Tentative] Responsible Tourism Best Practice Study Tour for 3 Mekong Delta River provinces

Time: 3 - 7/11/2015

Location: Hue, Quang Nam, Da Nang


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